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, Rebecca Alison Meyer will be buried after fighting a fight no one could win against cancer. She was six years old to the day.

It feels so unnatural for a child to die before his or her parents. I can't imagine a more devastating experience that a parent can face. Missing the child never goes away. A piece of yourself is lost and the future is forever changed.

To celebrate Rebecca, Matt Robin came up with the idea : “let’s get #663399Becca trending for Thursday 12th.” So, that's why my Twitter avatar is purple (#663399).

Let's paint the world purple for Rebecca today.

Le Temps : eaten up by ads

I was browsing my news feeds this morning at breakfast and I followed a link to an article published by our daily newspaper Le Temps to discover it was eaten up by ads.

Le Temps

Scrolling down to get rid of the banner ad didn't help much:

Le Temps

Scrolling to bring the article's title to the top of the window neither…

Le Temps

Now what really gets me is that I have an electronic subscription to this newspaper and my reading experience is crippled with useless promotional information I never asked for!

I use a cookie manager (Ghostery for Safari) in my browser which prevents this kind of page littering – unfortunately my iPad is devoid of such a tool…

Le Temps

Now, the web app version of Le Temps doesn't display this behaviour, but chooses to send you to a splash screen each time you hit the home button #gaaargl

Le Temps web app

Moreover, this behaviour can't be circumvented: preventing add cookies such as Smart AdServer simply breaks the app by generating a JavaScript error.

These are sad days for a daily newspaper that I enjoy and respect. I might just give up on their electronic versions which either litter your screen with ads, forgets your credentials and makes it close to impossible to reference permanently an article.

Back to my newsfeed…

I am a proud uncle

Sea sand heart

My nephew James, soon to be 24 yrs old, leaves for Australia this evening.

James is going back to settle with his girl friend T. - one of my favourite names :), taking what could be a life turning decision.

It takes a lot of courage at that age to decide to fly to the other side of the world, with the prospect of having to look for a job, and maybe requalify. It's a leap into the unknown, but what an opportunity!

I'm proud of my little sister C. who, after devoting more than half of her life bringing up her children, will say goodbye to her eldest tonight not knowing when she'll see him again.

I'm proud of my Mum, who's known James almost on a daily basis since his birth, and who is waving him goodbye with her loving smile and comforting big hug, giving him the confidence needed to part with his land and family.

We all want the best for our children, and to see them take control of their lives is both a source of pride and sadness as we must learn to let go. Especially so, when we know we can't pop over for the week-end…

The world may fell a “smaller” place with the web, social networks and FaceTime, but nothing lives up to hugging one's child in the real world.

So, I'm a proud uncle, brother and son today. Our family is all the richer with James seizing the day and living his life fully, now and here.

A good friend of mine once told me "you can only evolve in imbalance". Thinking out of the box and leaving your comfort zone behind broadens your mind and is the making of you.

So, follow your feelings James, and seize the day! Australia may be miles away, but you'll always be close, in a special part of my heart! Farewell buddy :)

Love you // uncle david

Remove duplicates in 'Open With…' menu

This is a simple Terminal command to clean up your 'Open With…' menu if it displays duplicate applications.

Note: the 'Open With…' menu is available by right-clicking on a document in the Finder. It displays a list of compatible applications that can open the document.

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

Relaunch the Finder to see the effect (Alt-right-click the Finder icon to relaunch, or logout and login again).


The economics of love

120 secondes - La théorie économique de l’amour par RTS

Thanks Dd!

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